The Midnight Hour



deep or extended darkness or gloom.

Just this past week I was checking in on a friend who’s going through a critical period in her life. Although I couldn’t relate to her situation, she mentioned something that I am so familiar with: The Midnight Hour. That darn midnight hour!  That hour that waits til you lie down to creep over you and take control of your thoughts and emotions. Have you ever gone to bed with the intention of crying your eyes out until you felt relieved, only that your tears would not stop? It’s that deep feeling of hurt that makes breathing painful, that feeling that suddenly brings out every single thing that you tried to hide in the back of your mind so you wouldn’t have to deal with them. The bad thing about the midnight hour is that it can lasts way past midnight!

Last night my midnight hour hit at about 1 am when i woke up from my sleep. The more I thought, the more intense the pain grew. The more intense the pain grew, the more i cried. No amount of tissue could hold my tears, no positive thoughts or energy could stop the feeling that had taken over me. I knew then that I was stuck in my midnight hour. I watched the time pass until it was time to get ready for work. As I found the strength to get out of bed, I prayed to God that I would be able to leave my sorrows on my bed sheets. So I woke up with a song in my heart that helped me make through this present moment. What I’m most afraid of are the unresolved issues left on my bed sheets. How long will they allow me to go before they come back and hunt me. How long before I become face to face my worst enemy. My midnight hour…


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