Day 2: Something You Feel Strongly About

It’s late and I should be studying or sleeping since I have class in the morning, but my mind is on other things right now so why not get today’s post out of way.

Something I feel strongly about…

Claddagh - Love Loyalty Friendship webAs I’m approaching graduation day, I’ve been debating whether I wanted to order graduation announcements or not. I’ve been battling with the decision for a while because I feel like those who should be present at my graduation will be, regardless of the fact that I send them an announcement. As much as I am proud and excited of this accomplishment, it has made me realize one thing for sure:  My circle has definitely gotten smaller over the years. I remember sending out invitations to lots of people for my High School graduation. Calling all my friends and cousins to make sure that they were coming. My house was so crowded that weekend that we had to book extra hotel rooms. My mom traveled with people who were to cook for my graduation party. It was a BIG DEAL! Now that I’m graduating from college, I don’t even see the need to order announcements. Who am I gonna send them to? Sadly lots of people who were part of my life in 2006 are no longer part of my life today.

One thing that I absolutely cannot look past is Loyalty. To me loyalty is the root of all relationships (family, friendship, and romantic). If I am in any type of relationship with you, I expect you to be loyal towards me, just as much as I will be loyal towards you. I can get past being cheated on, I can get past a couple of lies from my friends and family, but not betrayal. If you betray me it simply means that you want to harm me, and your intentions are purely selfish and evil. If you put up a front when you are with me, then turn around and and back stab me, rest assured that I will automatically cut you out of my life,  no matter how much you mean to me. I honestly see people who betray me as a threat, and consequently it’s only fair that I protect my self from them. I hate losing people, cutting ties with people who once meant so much, but unfortunately I can’t control what other do, but I can make sure that I don’t give you another opportunity for you to betray me.


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