Letter to My Younger Self

I have read several posts where people were writing letters to their younger self answering the question “what would you tell your 16 year old self if you could go back in time?” This is my letter to my younger self.

Right now it seems like your world is upside down! You have moved to another  country, leaving your parents and your friends behind. You are having such a hard time adapting to this change to a point where you are physically getting sick. It’s normal, but it won’t last. You will need to learn that things do get better in time. The problems that you are facing now will be the least of your worries in a couple of years. Stop worrying so much and trust your self a little more. You have always been a leader and not  a follower.Yes, there are mistakes that could have been avoided if you only took the time to listen to your own self. Know that you won’t always be able to please everyone, sometimes you have to put your own needs ahead and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You will get to meet a lot of wonderful people, some will stay in your life, others won’t. Cherish them! Brace yourself! you will get hurt! Family members will hurt you, friends will hurt you, your significant others will hurt you. But in spite of everything you will always forgive. With each disappointment, you will learn a lesson and you will use this lesson to grow. Don’t worry about your lack of faith right now, you will be taken through a journey where you will meet God and learn to trust him. He will become your best friend 🙂 You will travel like you always wanted to, you will love like you’ve never imagined, but most importantly you will find yourself. You will know exactly what you want out of life even if it doesn’t happen overnight. Your relationship with your family will get stronger, and you will thank God for them every day. Wait until you meet your nephew, he will bring so much joy into your life! You will finally pursue your dreams of educating children is spite of what others will say, and you will love it!!! Your family will be proud of you and you will be proud of your self. There is so much more lying ahead, you just have no idea! You will experience great joys and tremendous pains, you will win some, you will lose some. Your life will constantly change but you’ll realize that it’s only for the better. Your heart will get stronger, your brain will get smarter, your body will grow healthier. You will look at your self in the mirror and you will see God’s blessings. Only then you’ll realize that you have no reasons to be so anxious, paranoid and worried, because as you can see…The Best is Yet to Come 😉


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