From Haiti with L0vE

I am currently in Haiti vacationing and visiting my parents and I thought that I would write a small blog 🙂

I’ve been here for seven days now and so far my stay has been wonderful. I have been getting plenty of sleep, eating like royalty lol, and enjoying being away from “life as we know it”. I also tried to limit the time that I spend on my computer social networking or checking my email, and I purposely did not add the internet plan on my phone so that I can be disconnected from it all and just enjoy being home. Perhaps Haiti might  not be the best vacation spot  for some, and for others it may be where they will be partying during the holidays. To me there was no better palce to spend the holidays this year. The whole family was reuinted and we got to celebrate together. Most importantly, being here always reminds of how blessed I am, and shows me that I have a reason to grateful every single day that I wake up. As some of us might know, Haiti is a country where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer and this more and more obvious. On one end of the country there are those who would just love to have shelter and a warm plate of food for Christmas, and on the other there are those who are celebrating because their income trippled this year… and although the majority falls on the other end of the ladder, what I love the most about my people is their ability to still have hope in spite of it all. I love driving by a tent and seeing the kids play and laugh right outside of their tents. Seeing the people smile through their pain, and still have the courage to want to celebrate Christmas was just what I needed during the holidays.

Being home has not only given a chance to be reminded where I came from and also where I am going in life, but has also given me a renewed spirit of gratitude.


One thought on “From Haiti with L0vE

  1. I am from haiti and would love to traval and get to it more in-depthly and more intimately; unfortunately, kidnappings were really bad for a while but hopefully the situation will become safer for travelers like me

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