Where Have we Gone wrong?


I know I haven’t blogged in a while due to a lack of time and also for personal reasons but it did put a smile on my face when I realized that I was still getting comments and hits from my readers. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

I have been wanting to write about a lot of things lately, but one thing in particular has been bothering my mind. I have noticed a trend in our generation , or should I say my generation. It is true that everyone is living a separate life and that no two people are the same, but we do share a lot in common. I observe a whole lot, and think twice as much, and from observing people around me I realize that we (my generation) do share one thing in common: We have lost our identity.

Sadly, such thing does not happen over night, it takes time and also circumstances to affect someone’s life to a certain point. People deal with things differently, we all have our own way of coping with things that we face in our daily lives. I do not think that there is a right or wrong way to deal with feelings, sometimes we just don’t know how to.

As a result, we end up turning our back on our friends and family, we sleep with random people to fill a void that can never be filled, we envy those who we think are doing better than us and betray them, we get pregnant and abort our unborn babies because we are so uncertain of our future, we have children out of wedlock and raise bastard children, we stay in relationships with people who merely have feelings for us, sleeping has become a luxury because you can’t get rid of the elephant that sits on your chest at night, we no longer have standards because we think that we have gotten to  place where we have to settle, we are afraid to look in the mirror, we are afraid to look our parents in the eye, and we walk around with a smile on our face thinking that it will hide everything that is behind it.

Truth of the matter is, you can lie to everyone else but not to yourself. I keep asking my self when did life get so complicated, when did we stop being friends, when did we stop trusting, when did we stop believing, when did we stop loving…. when did we stop loving ourselves.

My mother always tells me that in order to fix a problem you must first know the source of the problem. Nothing can be done until we know when it all began and how it all began. Did one moment of silliness lead to another? Is it resentment, fear, grudges? Have we gone so far away from God that we do not know how to return? Everyone’s story is different… we do no all walk the same pathway…but whatever it is I think it’s time to make a U-turn.


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