The goodness of my Heart

I was once told by someone who was very close to me that if they were on a dying bed in need of an organ to save their life, I would be the first person that they would call because they knew that I would make such sacrifice. Another person also told me that when I love I have no boundaries, regardless of who the person involved may be, once I have feelings for someone I have no boundaries. These are different people who don’t even know each other. Yet they both made the same observation which got me thinking that there must be some truth to it. What I have also realized is that once people know your weakness and know what you are willing to do for them, It gives them power over you. By that I mean that this person knows that they can use you at any time for whatever reason it may be. I never realized that I was so transparent to some people. And these people told me things about myself that i did not even notice. I have since realized that a lot of things that happened to me in the past was because people knew that i would be willing to just hand over anything of mine just to make someone else happy, expecting nothing in return. I have lived such experience in past friendships and relationships.
This has made me come to realize that I must always keep a part of my self to my self. Never allow others to know your weakness to a point where they can use it against you. This said, I will not change the person that I am, neither will I stop helping or giving to those in need. Having a good heart is a blessing from God that I will not allow anyone to take away from me. What I will learn to do is to keep a part of my self to my self and not let people have access to the most vulnerable parts of me.


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