When was The Last Time that you did Something for the 1st Time?

Wow it has been a while since I last got on this website to blog. I must say that I miss writing to you all but the end of the semester is near and I am swamped with school work. That is the reason why you have not heard from me in a while, but school will be over in a couple of weeks and I will be back on full-time 🙂

I wanted to stop by today to ask you this question: when was the last time that you did something for the first time? Many of us can’t even remember, because we so are caught up in our daily routine, going to school, work, studying, church, going out to the same places, with the same people, doing the usual… We barely ever think about doing something new, something different, something that we’ve never done before.

Well I took the chance and decided that I was going to take the risks, and do something different. I visited new places, and did things that I always wanted to do but never had a chance to. I am an ocean lover, and I always wanted to swim in crystal clear water and go snorkeling where I can see the corals and all the beautiful fishes, in all these beautiful colors, and now I’m glad that can check that off my list. I also went parasailing with my significant other, and although I felt like I was about to have a heart attack when I was up 300 ft over that ocean, I am glad that we did it, and had a good laughing it off lol.

Enough about me, what I wanted to share is that sometimes, you have to take the time to allow yourself to do something out of the ordinary. Whether it involves traveling, learning a new language, learning how to play a sport, trying a new dish, whatever it is, as long as it is something that you have not done before. From time to time, allow yourself to think outside the box, step away from the ordinary and do something for the first time.


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