A gift that Saved Four Lives

This month’s issue of the Essence magazine features the touching story of a mother who had to make one of the most difficult decisions after the death of her 26 year old son. Chris was not only her son, but also a football player, a father of three and engaged to be married in a couple of months. Life was looking good for him. His mom talks about how excited he sounded about his wedding while they were on the phone talking just the night before the tragic accident. The next morning she gets the devastating phone call announcing that her son fell from the back of a moving pickup truck while arguing with his fiancee. He suffered numerous head injuries and was left brain dead. The doctors said that there was nothing left to do, and that’s when she made the decision of donating the organs of her beloved son. She goes on to say that she could not help but wonder what kind of people would receive the gifts from her child, until one day she received a phone call, and was asked to meet with four people who Chris had changed their lives.  These people were now able to do things, and live a healthy life, because of the donation that was made. Most importantly she said that although her son’s life was over, four other lives were saved because of his.

This story truly touched my heart and I have ever since been thinking about becoming an organ donor. It’s definitely not an easy decision to make, but I think it’s one that we should consider. I can’t help but wonder how grateful I would be if I were to have a second chance to life because someone else gave me that opportunity.

April is is National Donate Life Month, for more information on organ and tissue donations go to donatelife.net or organdonor.gov


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