Yves Saint Laurent~ Parisienne

I have to admit that it was not Love at the first sight for me and the Parisienne, but sure enough it grew on me, and it definitely made my favorites list 🙂

This is the description that I got from the Parisienne web site:

Once upon a time there was PARISIENNE

The portrait of a woman incredibly free.
Free to think, free to act.

She appears evanescent,
at the dawning of the day
body and soul…
She conveys the joy
of living and loving in the moment.

This is why Paris adopts her.
She has the face of an angel,
the body of a woman who didn’t sleep last night,
an air of carnal knowledge.
A woman in an evening gown at the break of day.
Scandalous, some say?
Free, she says.An Yves Saint Laurent woman. A true PARISIENNE…

This woman disappears in a mysterious scent…

The Fragrance:

A grand floral with a woody structure, luminous
even in its mystery, PARISIENNE is the perfume of
ultra femininity, warmed by the touch of the
man who embraced her.

The base note brings tumult and intensity in
its woody wake. First with patchouli, the ultimate
in mystery. And when the masculinity of vetiver
flirts with the feminine eroticism of musk and
sandalwood, one knows that this PARISIENNE
knew a “night of love”.


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