Casual Sex…pt 1

Sometimes we (women) feel we have to have sex like men in order to be perceived as sexually astute. We pretend as if having a man crawl on top of us and shoving himself inside our bodies, panting and sweating without much focus on any further intimacy other than our bodies connecting is no big deal. It is! The sexual act is an invasive process. Our bodies don’t just touch a man when we copulate. We actually take them in. Everything about men becomes part of us as they move around inside our most private, personal space. It’s a huge deal ladies…Men and women are physically constructed differently, meaning the act of copulation is internal for women and external for men. Think of it like this: It’s impossible for a woman to be emotionally disengaged once she has sex with a man for the simple reason that he enters her body, and literally, lays among her organs- the very instruments that keep her alive and give her the gift of life. This is personal, extremely personal. There’s no disconnecting from something this intrusive, no matter how much you try to convince yourself you can.

Karrine Steffans

I know this post is going to be a shocker for some people, but regardless I had to share my opinions on casual sex when it comes to women. FIRST OF ALL when did women start having sex for the sole purpose of pleasure with no commitment and no feelings involved? I have never really gotten the concept of having casual sex especially when I know that women are emotional creatures. How on earth do you expect to have a man laying inside of you, letting someone into the most private and personal space of your life, and then just walk off like something never happened!

The saddest part of all this is that we have become so commercial, and so drawn into society’s image of us that we have lost the essentials of being a woman. Not only are we using sex to get money, we now have gone even lower to the point where we think that having sex with a guy for the sole purpose to satisfy your needs is normal, even with a stranger!!!!

We no longer look for commitments and settle for “cut-buddies”. We have lost our identities. Women are now initiating sex, chasing after men for sex, allowing men to treat them as sex toys, or” booty calls” and start wondering why they are being disrespected, and can’t get a man to commit after he’s done doing what he had to do. But what we fail to realize is that once you’ve allowed a man to lay with you for a couple of times you start catching feelings! you can only be intimate with a man for so long before you start wanting more than just sex…. Now what to do you after you’ve fallen for this guy who is getting ready to walk out the door? How do expect to keep this man who You have already given all you had? Do you really think that this man is actually going to start a relationship with you? Think about it, Why would he pay for something that he’s already gotten for FREE!


One thought on “Casual Sex…pt 1

  1. Karrine, oh tragic heroine, my princess: When you say that you’ve given him all you had, either you take a low estimation of your assets, or you are speaking of your own subjective experience of vulnerability. But how have you given any particular such intangible to him and in what sense? Are you simply convinced in advance that he remains unaffected? If there is more that you want to say or do, then why don’t you? Whether it’s cooking breakfast together, debating foreign films, or trading stock tips. Or so you simply anticipate some sort of refusal? If all else fails, then approach anyone that strikes you as At all more emotionally accessible to begin with. Then you might feel that you are playing on a more level field meeting halfway. Because being more withdrawn and conservative won’t really help. But if vulnerability simply isn’t attractive to you, but just something unmanly, then you are in a dilemma.

    Laura: since when is pleasure not am emotion? And must you exhort Karrine to relate to men as Johns?

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