Be Careful Who You call Your “Friend”

I think we have all gone though the hurt of finding out that someone we thought was our friend was actually nothing but the opposite. Growing up I used to be a people person, you know when you’re still young and innocent enough to think that people actually mean what they say, and really do care about you, and love you, and all that good stuff…But My God was I wrong! I used to laugh at my father when he would tell me that having too many friends can be dangerous, and used to think that these are the words of a loner. But over the years I have learned the true meaning of friendship, and I did so the hard way.

Many of us are still naive enough to think that this world is a happy place and that people that we spend time with, or hang out with, are people who care so much about us, and have our best interest at heart… well darling you could not be more wrong. Everyone lives a different life, some have better experiences than others, but I can almost guarantee that you can probably count your real friends on one hand.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know a whole lot of people, and I spend time with a lot of people who I really do not consider friends but rather acquaintances. By that I mean, there are very few people that I allow inside my personal life. I am very careful about who I confide in, because the more someone knows about you, the more they are able to hurt you. There’s only a few people that you can call who actually won’t take pleasure in you going through difficult times.

How can you tell whether or not someone is your friend you may ask? You know these people who only call you when they need a favor, but you won’t even bother calling because the favor won’t be returned? Those who always have a negative opinion on everything that you do? The ones who always want to know what is going on in your life, but you’re the last one to find out about their personal business? The ones other people are always warning you about? The ones who always throw a slick comment here and there? The ones who would rather assist your pity party than your success? The ones who always tell you that you have it good? I think you have an idea who these people are…

Just don’t be so naive when it comes to friendship because true colors always show…sooner or later. I don’t know about you but I would rather have one good friend instead of 10 backstabbing ones.


6 thoughts on “Be Careful Who You call Your “Friend”

  1. Yes….I went thru this very painful process from 2007 to 2010….THREE closest people….long time …..two women and one man….and boy was I wrong….they were SO secretly hating on me the whole time….right under my nose…and I showed them SO MUCH LOVE….my God was this painful.

  2. also been through this three times already. the last, was secretly hating on me like crazy. now i’ve learnt my lesson and will never trust any friend.

  3. Dear lord.. In the last paragraph; my “best friend” does everything that was mentioned there! I have realized that she isnt the one for me, but also all of this happen because you are being “too nice for your own good” that also plays a role.

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