As we all Grieve 1/12/2010

Here we are again. This day that we have all been dreading…January 12th is here again…only this time with a heavy heart, mourning and grieving. Time flies doesn’t it? It really does not feel like it’s already been a year, but it has. I told my self that I was going to allow my self to go through the hurt and pain that I went through one year ago today…but it’s inevitable, it’s there.

I feel the weight of my mother’s heart in her voice when she speaks, I feel the fear in my father’s voice, I see the pain in my friend’s eyes…there’s no escaping it, it’s all around me.

words cannot explain the agony that we all went through, the inability to properly grieve our loved ones, too much pain, too hard to endure, too painful to feel real. It was all too much, too quick, and too sudden. Life could have not changed so suddenly, but the it did…and it will take more than a year to fix the damages that this earthquake caused in our lives.

Today I thank God for the miracle that he performed in our lives, for saving those who were just as unworthy as those who did not survive. But God gives, and he takes away as he pleases. To anybody who was in Haiti that day, believe that it was God’s favor that was upon your life. Please don’t take this second chance at life for granted. As my mother said, may those who are now resting rest in peace for they have fought the good cause, and those of us left should only live a God fearing life, so that when our time comes, we can be ready.

I will not discuss the state of our country right now, the gruesome truth that things have not changed a bit one year later. For my heart is too heavy to dwell on the mediocre government that we must deal with.

As we go through this day of grief, may we reflect upon this day where we lost so many and so much. May we pray for those who need the strength to relive this nightmare. Those who can’t help but think about loved ones dying under rubbles, those who are traumatized after being stuck under buildings for hours, those who are learning to live with this ordeal every single day. May we pray for those who still don’t have a place to call home. Those whose meals depend on charity and don’t even have a bed to lay at night. May we pray for each other on this day, for I believe in a God of miracles…It’s all in his hands now.


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