Clean out your closet

I am one of those people who’s closet is always full. Funny enough I happen to have a walking closet but I can’t even take two steps in there because it’s so crowded. The more I try to keep it organized, the more crowded it gets. Thing is half of what’s in there either doesn’t fit anymore, or I no longer wear, and some have been sitting there for years, and I just never wore them.

Now why would I keep all this stuff in there that is just taking up room? So I’ve decided to stop cleaning up and start cleaning out. Literally taking out clothes and shoes, and purses, everything in there that I have not used in the past months…I think we all know where this is going.

All of us have some cleaning out to do, not only in our closets but also in our lives. There is no way that you can keep your life organized when things are clustered and messy. There are things that we are holding on to that no longer have their place in our lives. I call them dead weight. Grudges, remorse, regrets, past relationships, betrayals, so called friends, suppose-to-be family, mistakes, drama, guilt… You know better than I do all the trash you have piling up in your closet. well honey is time to clean out!

As this new year is unfolding, you owe it to yourself to get rid of the trash in your home. Stop making up excuses for the reason why you are still trying to wear these shoes that no longer fit.  Stop holding on to the garbage and get rid of the mess. Make room for possibilities, make room for what’s new, and please no matter what you do, don’t be foolish enough to run back to the dumpster after you finally get rid of your trash!


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