2011 The year of the Unknown!

This is it. We made it to the new year! It is 2011 and who knows what this year has in stores for anyone? The pessimist in me, always tend to hold back on new years celebration because as the year begins all I can think about is how things will unfold throughout the year. I am always reminded on what lies behind my control…Fate, destiny, whatever you might call it, to me the fear of the unknown outweighs all excitement. I always find my self pleading to God for the people which I started the year, will also be there the next year. But who I am kidding? God is God and he does what he wants, when he wants with whomever he wants.

I won’t let my fears keep me from trying to make the best of this year, neither will I sit back and not set goals and resolutions, but I do beg of God for his protection, his blessings and his approval on whatever I wish to accomplish this year.

As we are getting ready to sail into the mysteries that lies ahead, I want to wish you all a Happy New year. I pray that you will be kept safe throughout the year, and that the trials that await will not be the source of your defeat. I hope that 2010 was a year of learning and growth, so that you are now stronger and wiser and ready to fight the daily battles. As times are getting harder, I urge you to get to know God who is the source of the universe and who holds all power. Learn to fight your battle on your knees in order to be armed enough to make 2011 a successful and blessed year.


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