L0VE is Blind

Love makes us think we see the things that we want to see…

I was watching TV earlier and This divorced couple was having a conversation when the ex wife said to her ex husband that Love makes us think we see the things that we want to see. This statement summarized it all in one sentence.

When we love, we tend to be blinded by our emotions. We no longer allow ourselves to think or simply reflect on our thoughts, we instead decide to be guided by the butterflies in our stomachs. The pretty sad thing is that love makes the obvious invisible. What the whole world is able to see, the heart keeps us from seeing. It is as if we purposely live in denial or lie to ourselves. We ignore our friends and family, ignore late phone calls or the change of attitudes. We act as if everyone wishes to boycott our relationships when the truth of the matter is people just wish you would see what is right in front of your eyes.

When we love, we do the things that we never imagined doing, we lie to our loved ones just to make our mate “look good”, we ignore our gut feelings and the red flags, sometimes we even go as far as ignoring the blunt truth that comes out of that person’e mouth…

It’s inevitable, when we love, at some point….we find ourselves on the blinded side.


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