Self Assessment

My Christmas vacation has begun. I am currently away, spending time with some friends. For the couple of days that I have been here, I have come to realize that, at some point throughout this year, my perspective on certain aspects of life have completely changed. Here I am, on a vacation and all I want to do is read my novel, share couples of laugh with those that I love, and sip on some coffee.
Instead of going out and having a good time, I am realizing that the things that I used to find pleasure in are no longer the same. What is going on in my entourage has very little interest to me. I feel as if there is so much more to enjoy out there, so much more that I can feed to my inner self that a group of strangers at a random gathering cannot provide. All I could think of is isolating my self somewhere peaceful, where I can really take time to find out where this sudden loss of interest has come, and embrace the true pleasures of life, those that come from within, and from the people that mean so much to me…

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