Be Responsible, Protect Yourself and Your Partner.

Awareness without action is worthless.

Today, December 1st is AIDS Awareness day. I happen to know someone who died of Aids and I also know someone who currently has Aids. Although people are now able to live longer with the disease, the medications provided are extremely expensive, and one is dependent on these medications to stay healthy. Being on the medication does not make the virus go away, neither does it stop the person from giving the virus to someone else. Someone on medication may not have any physical symptoms, therefore we must be aware of whom we have sexual intercourse with. You can only protect yourself, and also protect your partner by doing so. Although you may be committed to someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is exclusive with you, meaning that this person may be having sex with other people. This is all to say that the use of condoms is essential in the prevention of HIV. Be responsible, protect yourself, and protect your partner.


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