My thoughts on the 30 Days on Truth


Finally done with the 30 days of truth, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The reasons why I decided  to make mine public were absolutely personal. The questions that were asked daily are issues that we all encounter at some point of our lives. Many of them I’ve had to go through at some point and I felt that my experience can help someone else avoid some of the mistakes that I made. This journey was not at any point a way for me to brag about my dreams and my issues or things that I do on my spare time, on the contrary this was a way for me tho think about things that I may have overlooked. This was nothing more than a 30 days of self reflection, and I’m glad that I have found answers to some questions that I had for my self, I also thought about certain things on a deeper level, and started working on some issues that I had no idea were still a part of my life.

I encourage anyone who wants to do this self reflection journey to take the leap and do it, by no means do you have to publish yours, but if you feel that someone else might be able to relate to some of your experiences or might enlighten someone else, then do publish it for you never want to miss a chance to help others. If you do decide to share yours, keep it personal and refrain from sharing too many details, and naming other people in your writings, because you want to assure that you still keep you and others’ privacy.

Take time to know yourself, learn from the past, plan for the future. You may want to lie to others, or others may lie to you, but you must remain truthful to your own self!


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