Expectations and Disappointments

I have tried so hard to stop expecting things to happen. I don’t expect to ace an exam if I didn’t study, I don’t expect that it won’t rain after I get my hair done, I don’t expect that my best friend won’t lie to me, I don’t expect that a man won’t hurt me, I just don’t expect certain things to happen, unless I make them happen. When you rely on your expectations of other people you are in for a great disappointment. We live in a selfish world where people only want to receive but won’t give. Its just the fact of the matter! I have mastered that lesson long ago, and decided to be one less person who will wait on others. I have been doing that for quite some time, and now I’m starting to realize that it is becoming hard for me to receive from others because I feel like the only reason that you are giving is so you can receive. Unless you can prove to me that your reasons for wanting to give are genuine, then you won’t receive because you have not yet reached my expectations.

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