Day 26 → Have you ever thought about giving up on life? If so, when and why?

I am so afraid of failure and rejection, that when things don’t work out as planned or as I would want, I tend to throw in the towel, and quit. Taking my life away, has never been, and will never be an option for me, but when I am faced with circumstances where the odds of things working out are so little, I often find my self laying in bed, in fetal position, helpless and hopeless, not wanting to think about tomorrow, or the day after, and the day after. These are the days where I literally take things on a daily basis. No plans, not looking forward to what the day has to offer, I just get out of bed, and let it be. I recall feeling so confused and angry, and asking my mom what was next? It had been two months after the earthquake, and I had just started to wrap my head about the reality of things. She told me that life goes on. Nothing will ever be the same but as long as we are still alive, we must make our life worth living, by making the most out of everyday. Do not get attached to the material things of this world, she told me. Live and learn, go to school and get an education, help others, make friends, love, and learn life lessons for these things, what you know and who you are, are the only things that cannot be taken from you.

These are the things that I live by, the reasons why I have not given up on life.


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