The Rules!

My older cousin recommended this book to me, and it was a great read! The book basically lists all the rules that a woman, who wants to be involved in a committed relationship should follow. It’s suppose to be your guide to marriage, lol, and although my cousin is not married and neither am I thinking about marriage in the near future, I think it’s a great eye opener, and it offers pretty good dating advice.

The description behind the book is as follow:

A simple set of dos and don’t. The rules will lead you where you want to be: in a healthy, committed relationship. It recognizes that men are either attracted to you or not; and they want a challenge, not an easy victory. Whether you are eighteen or eighty, a beauty queen ot a woman with ordinary looks, The Rules will work for you.

This book is an oldie but a goodie 🙂 It was written by two Jewish women Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, back in 1981!

So, what are the rules? here’s a short preview!

Rule # 1 You are a creature unlike any other (my favorite)

Rule # 15 Don’t rush into sex, and other rules for intimacy

Rule # 18 Don’t expect a man to change or Try to change him! (can I gen an Amen?)lol

Rule # 19 Don’t open up too fast

Rule # 23 Don’t date a married man

Rule #34 Love only those who love you

ok, let me stop before I ruin it for you. but this is definitely a must have, must read handbook! My only regret was that I didn’t memorize this book years ago! smh… But yes, do go get it! I bought it at books a million for $10! Gold mine!


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