Do your self a favor and GET A LIFE!

I don’t really care about other people’s life. what you do and what you don’t do really have no value to me, honestly, I don’t give a flick! But why is it so hard for other people, who clearly have too much time on their hands, to do the same about my life? I mean, if you’re my friend and you just love me that much, go ahead, feel free to let world know how wonderful of a person I am, but in your case not only are we not close to being friends, you really have no clue, no idea, on the type of person that I am.

Really, I understand your frustration when I walk into a room and draw all the attention that you’re craving for, without even trying. I’m sorry if I don’t have to be half naked, with 20 different tattoos, and a piercing in every single part of my body, in order to get attention. It’s also not my fault that I don’t need to sleep with a man, to have him interested in me. I’m sorry if you can’t be friends with a guy and keep your legs closed at the same time. I’m sorry you feel so threatened because your man won’t stop talking about me. I’m sorry if all you can get out of my man is a one night stand. I’m sorry if the world knows what’s in your closet and there isn’t much you can do to fix your reputation. I’m sorry if you can’t find a friend who won’t back stab you, and it makes you so mad when you hear my friends praying for me. I’m sorry your parents are so disappointed in you but you can’t get mines to believe one word that comes out of your mouth.

I’m sorry if you fantasize about me and can’t get me to answer my phone when you won’t stop calling! I’m truly sorry that my house is not your motel and you can’t spend the night with my roommate when I’m not in town. I’m sorry if my standards won’t allow me to be in a relationship with a man that has nothing to offer. I’m sorry if I’m not impressed with your money, and your offers. I’m sorry if I don’t need you to pay my mortgage, my cell phone bill, or put gas in my car!  I’m so sorry I hurt ego and now you’re so frustrated that you would rather lie about what did not happen between me and you.

I’m so deeply sorry that you still have not realized the difference between you and I. See I’ve had to deal with hypocrites like you all, in my own house, so bet believe that I’m trained and skilled in dealing with your kind. You can make it your sole purpose in life, to make up crap and talk trash about me, but by now you should already know that it isn’t affecting me a bit. See the people that love me, and know me, and care about me, won’t even bother listening to your bitterness. I must thank you, though, because you are doing me a favor by removing those who should not have been in my life in the first place. I am not worried about your mediocre self destroying me, for I am so much farther ahead then you. You  do not phase me, you cannot ruin me, you will not destroy my relationships, all you’re doing is wasting time that you won’t be able to catch up on.

So do yourself a favor: get a GED, go to college, go to church, get educated, get a man, go to the gym, take some English classes, stop wasting time on facebook and promoting every single event that you not even hosting…I don’t know just being so pitiful and get yourself a life!


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