Beyond my Control

I hate being dependent on other people, but unfortunately, I only have the power to control my thoughts, my actions, my intentions, my feelings, my emotions…but not yours. Regardless of what I do, your relationship with me partly depends on what you make it, and that’s what I have a hard time dealing with. My ways are not your ways, the way I see things is totally different from the way you see things. Your intentions are unknown to me, for I cannot see past what you are willing to show me. It leaves a feeling of uncertainty and confusion. Feels like reading a script written in an unspoken language. How do I read between the lines? Am I holding the book upside down? Should I try to translate it? Or would that be work in vain? It all leads to a dead end, for only you hold the answers to my questions, and until you’re willing to give me the answers…It’s beyond me, it’s beyond my control…

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