The Quest for Mr Right!

I know I’m going to regret being up this late blogging when I have class in the morning, but I was a reading a book and I stumbled upon this quote, and I felt the urge to share this with all the single young ladies out there.

“When God says a man is not the one, even though you don’tunderstand it, save yourself future troubles by obeying.”

This quote is golden. This should be a rule to live by. So many of us, females, believe that there are no good men out there. Like we often say: the good ones are either taken, in jail, or gay! Well perhaps that may be cause we are getting involved with the wrong ones. Finding a GOOD MAN, is not an easy task. We are so desperate for attention, and affection, that we throw ourselves at the next guy that compliments us, and setting ourselves up for failure. We must first change our approach of looking for a good guy. Stop looking for “love” in all the wrong places. You can’t go to a club, half naked, then get sexually involved with a man that you just met, and expect that he’s gonna want to be in a relationship with you. Go figure COMMIT!

what we have to start doing is taking our time to get to know the person before you even think about being in a relationship with him. If you start dating a young man, and find yourself interested, you find that he is meeting up to your STANDARDS, and can be a good match, start by praying about it. You know God has the answers to everything. If this is the man for you, He will let you know by the way in which the man treats you. Your female instincts will tell you if this is someone you should engage in a relationship with. If he isn’t, likewise, you will know! You know yourself, and you know what you want in a mate. If you find that this person has no respect for himself or for you, is constantly flirting with other females, is only interested in being physical, if he is dating you only being closed doors, he just might not be the one for you! Listen to your gut feelings.You know more than you think you do, start trusting yourself, and learn how to let go. Staying with someone who does not love you, or does not wanna be with you, will only hurt you in the long run, because sooner or later, He will leave.

Always remember that What God has for me, it is for me! Let him accomplish what he desires in your life. Don’t set your self for failure and waste your time with unnecessary relationships. All good things come to those who wait. Take your time, Be patient. He is out there…somewhere 🙂




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