Foundation Reviews

Finding a perfect foundation is a hassle!  The hey to finding the perfect foundation is knowing your skin type, and How much coverage you want out of your foundation. If you have normal to dry skin, then you may want to consider an oil based foundation. If you have oily skin, then water a water based foundation would be best. The amount of coverage that you want is mostly a preference. If you have blemishes, or skin discoloration, medium to full coverage might be the look you to go for in order to even out your skin tone. If you prefer something light, just enough to even out your skin and give you a flawless look, then a tinted moisturizer will do the work. I have oily skin, and I still have not found the perfect foundation, simply because I love MAC’s foundations and they don’t have a water based foundation. This is my review on the ones that I have been using, that I’m satisfied with.

On the days that I don’t much going on, and won’t be out for the day, I would use my Mac Studio Moisture Tint. The Moisture is exactly what the name entails; a tinted moisturizer, it is not a foundation, and won’t give full coverage. But it does a great job of evening out the skin tone, while keeping your face moisturized.  This product is great for people with sensitive skin. It’s very light, and definitely not oily, which is a plus for people with oily skin. It also contains SPF 15, which is sunscreen, protecting your skin from any sun burn.

If I want Medium Coverage, I first use Mac Studio Moisture Tint, then apply MAC Studio Fix

Powder Plus Foundation, Which is both a powder and a foundation. The Studio Fix Powder is meant to achieve both medium and full coverage. Because I have oily skin, I use it with the moisture tint so it can last longer throughout the day. If you have dry skin, I would recommend using it with a moisturizer as a base. This is a really good everyday product. It comes with a sponge for application on the go.  Great to achieve full coverage if you don’t have blemishes to cover up, and can last up to 5 hours without a touch up.

This is my all time favorite for Full Coverage! MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid is also meant to achieve medium to full coverage. It Contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections such as discoloration, and blemishes. It is good for oily skin because it is oil free. This foundation lasts a pretty long time, and leaves your skin looking flawless! This is not my everyday foundation, I use it more for special occasions, evening outings, or when I have a long day planned and don’t want to be bothered with a touch up. I would not recommend this to a person with dry skin. Unless you use a good moisturizer.

I recently heard about Iman’s new mineral foundation called Iman Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup. From my experience, I would say that it meant to give medium coverage, with a little glow. The finished look appears as if you used a bronzer on top of the foundation. It is a little thick for my paste and does not flatter oily skin. I think that it’s a good product, just not one of my favorites. I only used it a couple of times so I can’t much about it. Maybe I’ll try using it during the winter, when it’s not as humid.

This is another one of my favorites. MAC’s Mineral Skin Finish is a velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. It’s perfect for highlights of the cheek bones, and T-zones. Also can be used as a bronzer. I use it as highlights and on top of  mu foundation, regardless of the coverage that I want to achieve. Leaves a nice glow and a flawless finish. Can be used with all skin types, including sensitive skin, because it is mineral. A must have 🙂

Before buying any foundation, be sure to consult with a consultant who can help you find the best color that will match your complexion as well as your skin type.


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