Day 11 ~ Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

“When a singer truly feels and experiences what the music is all about, the words will automatically ring true.”Monserrat Caballe

For some odd reason, people seem to think that complementing someone on their body is a good thing. It gets annoying hearing the same thing from every single guy that I meet, even as I’m randomly walking around campus, someone always seems to have something to say about my lips or my gluteus maximus! ** rolling eyes ** I DO NOT CONSIDER THOSE COMPLIMENTS! They’re just another part of my body.

With that said, I usually get complimented on my singing. I was blessed with the ability to carry a note, and it sounds pretty good to other people. lol

I’m a singer, I love singing, I love music. I’ve been singing for quite some years. I sing at church, weddings, evening events, the shower, while driving, while cleaning, I am constantly singing! I have been offered the opportunity to record with other people but I don’t see it as something that I would do for a living, rather something that I do because I love to, and that sounds good.

Singing is my therapy. It gets me through hard times. It helps express those feelings that I can’t put into my own words. Hearing me sing is as if you are listening to the sentiments of my heart. It’s my little way, my way of leaving this words for a couple of minutes and go wherever the song brings me. The minute that I start singing, my eyes close, and I let my self go…

It still gets to me every time I stand in front of a crowd about to perform, and as soon as I open my mouth and the notes come out, and I think to my self…wow that sounded beautiful 🙂


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