Day 10 ~ Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.

I believe that I mentioned in a previous blog my belief about people coming in and out of my life. I  believe that I meet people for a reason and those who are part of my life are there for a specific reason. Each single person that is part of my life is unique and brings something into my life that only them could bring. That applies to the few friends that I have, my family, and my past relationships. I love the fact that I am able to see the reason that someone who once meant a lot to me, is no longer in my life. There is always a lesson learned from them, that somehow altered my character, and shaped me into the person that I am now. However, I do not believe that God brought certain people into my life. I have learned not to put the blame on God or fate, for my mistakes and my foolishness. I allowed some people to come into my life whom I had no business dealing with in the first place, and I’m being honest. We’ve all done it, but we are often afraid to admit our mistakes. But I did once, and I went completely against my beliefs, my standards, against my self and allowed this person to be part of my life, and although it was for a short period of time, I learned so much about my self, I learned the importance to being true to my self, and knowing my worth. I grew so much after those few months, and just started seeing things crystal clear. I felt as if I was being schooled, literally taking notes, and making a list of things that I will not tolerate ever in my life from anyone. It was very painful, but pain fades away in time. Do I regret meeting that person?absolutely not, remorseful rather because I let this person into my life, where they should have never been.

But the one wonderful thing about my experience with such person, was God turning it into a learning experience, and removed that person from my life indefinitely.

We must learn  to be honest to ourselves. Your gut feelings are never wrong. You know when someone is your friend and when they’re not. You know when someone loves and when they don’t. We choose to live in denial and stick with what feels good instead of recognizing that this is not the way that it should be, learning from our mistakes and moving on.

Experience is all about learning. if you learning nothing from your past then it was all in vain.

This person came into my life, broke me down in order for God to reshape me, and make me into the person that He wanted me to be. Although life is all about experiences, this part of me had to go, and it left with that person, the day that they walked out of my life. That was their purpose, learned from it, grew out of it, and continuing with my journey as I meet other people who will play their parts in my life…


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