Day 04 ~ Something you have to forgive someone for.

I was friends with someone for over 12 years and over the years I grew to love that person as if she was my own sister. Not only did I open the doors of my house to her but also of my heart. I honestly thought that she would the one friend that would be by my side until my dying day. I trusted her with anything and everything but sadly, people change, things happen…life happens. The person I thought I knew was nothing but a fictional character. In less than a year, the decade of friendship that we had vanished. we fought and argued about the smallest things. She turned her back on me, and turned me into her worst enemy. she spoke lies about me amongst many other things that I refrain from sharing. But even then, I still had no grudges against her. Unfortunately she knew me so well that she knew what would hurt me the most and went after my family. As you can imagine, that was the icing on the cake!

For the longest time, I could not bear the sound of her name, and literally removed her from my memory. I prayed that God would give me the strength to learn from this experience, and He did. Months after we fell apart, I remember bumping into her at the Gym and I waved and said HI! of course she ignored me, and that’s when I remembered that we were no longer friends.

I no longer hold grudges her. I strongly believe that God allows people to come into your life and be in your life for a specific reason and a certain amount of time. I learned a lot from our friendship, and I guess her purpose in my life is fulfilled.

I now see her and no longer have to leave the room, I quote her silly quotes sometimes, with no pain and no regrets. Although I highly doubt that we could ever be friends again, she no longer is part of my life, and I truly wish her nothing but the best.


One thought on “Day 04 ~ Something you have to forgive someone for.

  1. You are strong!!!!! Really strong!!!! It happened to me too and though i forgive the person, this experience still hurts me. I have learned the bad lesson from it: too many prejudices when it comes to be friend with girls! Is it the right lesson? I don’t know but so far, that’s all i have let myself learn from it! Reading your experience has made me see it for the first time another way: it’s one of the life experiences. Ok not good but still it happens!

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