30 Days of Truth~ Day One

Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.


why are you so negative? Do you have to be so negative about everything? why don’t you give him/her the benefit of the doubt? why are you blaming your self for this????

I honestly lost count of how many times i have heard these questions!

Anyone who knows me well or even spend time AROUND me knows this one thing about me for sure : I AM RIDICULOUSLY PESSIMISTIC!

I think the worst, expect the worst and believe the worst of everything/ everyone. I always think that something has to be wrong when I’m having a good day or  I always say to my self ” don’t get too comfortable now,  you know something is gonna happen soon.” I blame my self for things that I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER! Anytime something goes wrong I automatically assume that I brought it upon my self.

This has to be the thing I hate the most about my self because not only it’s affecting my self-confidence, but also my relationship with people around me.

you know what they say though… first step is to recognize that I am a pessimist, and I will, better yet I must beat this. 😉


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Truth~ Day One

  1. just like you said only people who knows you would know certain things about you… from my point of view the first impression people get whe they see you is POWER and CONFIDENCE. Guess thats why peopple envy you so much -__-.. nothing in this world should and could bring you down. You have strengh hidden inside of you. make it happend baby girl.. keep up the good work

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